This Little Dog Who Was Covered In Glue And Left For Dead Is Finally Overcoming The Trauma

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The tragic story of Pascal touched millions of people around the world. Last October, in Istanbul, children stole him from the streets to inflict a variety of cruel tortures. After almost completely covering him in glue, they dragged him in the mud and hit him "just for fun," before leaving him for dead.The Turkish association, He'Art of Rescue, took him in after a passerby discovered him agonizing in pain. The tiny dog rolled around on the ground, constantly trying to rid himself of the thick coating on his body.


Source: He’Art of Rescue

On his arrival at the veterinary clinic, the glue had hardened. The volunteers were horrified by Pascal's state and his regard, beaten and terrified. "A statue made of mud and glue, a statue at the mercy of anyone who passes by. A statue plunged into into desperate fear about what was going to happen to him," commented the organization on Facebook.

Source: He’Art of Rescue

After several hours of intensive care, the glue removed, he was finally able to breathe normally again. Pascal also received several therapeutic baths and a preventative antibiotic treatment.


Source: He’Art of Rescue

Despite the cruelty he faced, the pooch found the force to fight and regain trust in humans. In total, Pascal stayed one month at the He'Art of Rescue clinic. In addition to the glue and superficial injuries, he had contracted parvovirus, a potentially deadly viras which affects the intestines and hearts of dogs, especially puppies.Luckily, the treatments were all successful and he was able to pull through the traumatic events.

PASCAL !!! THE END OF THE SUFFERING ! THEY DROWNED HIM IN GLUE...PASCAL IS DISCHARGED !! PASCAL IS DISCHARGED!!THEY DROWNED HIM IN GLUE AND HOPED HE WOULD NEVER COME BACK TO LIFE...READ HIS STORY HERE - has been a big ADVENTURE for Pascal , starting with the darkest of the days , continued with an incredible BATTLE to survive , WON MILLIONS OF HEARTS ALL OVER THE WORLD and today... TODAY PASCAL FINALLY LEFT THE HOSPITAL !!!Pascal will now remain under our close supervision in our center for a month , the time where we will assess his personality and go through the adoption application. He will learn how to be a puppy again , how to behave in a pack and with people. He will forget the painful past !!!YOU CAN STILL HELP PASCAL by donating through the secure paypal donation link customised just for his rehab costs HERE - YOU !!!Posted by He'Art of Rescue on Thursday, 1 December 2016

Once back on his feet, he was taken in by a foster family who gave him all the love and care he needed. The little miracle quickly bonded with the other family dog who he gets along with amazingly well. Pascal finally regained the joyful spirit and innocence which characterize puppies, and his love for life is contagious.


Source: He’Art of Rescue


Source: He’Art of Rescue

Pascal's story went global and He'Art of Rescue received dozens of adoption requests. The association will take the time to think and analyze the applications to pick the best possible home for the canine.


Source: He’Art of Rescue


Source: He’Art of Rescue

To get the latest updates about Pascal, you can follow the He'Art of RescueFacebookpage.

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