This Little Dog Was Mistakenly 'Euthanized' But Refused To Stop Fighting

Sugar is an 8-year-old female Shih-Tzu, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her human Brittany. The little dog came down with an ear infection, which can normally be treated quickly and easily by vets.Brittany therefore took her little dog to the local clinic to get her the appropriate care.


Source: Brittany Turnbill

However, the consultation rapidly turned into disaster, when the veterinarian mistakenlyinjected Sugar with the wrong chemical. Instead of the drug used to treat ear infections, the animal was given a dose of a lethal euthanasia drug.Terrified, Brittany followed the advice of the distraught vet and took Sugar straight to an emergency animal hospital, where she was immediately whisked away by vets and taken to intensive care.


Source: Brittany Turnbill

Unfortunately, it is impossible to neutralize the poison that had been administered to the Shih-Tzu, all Brittany could do was wait and hope.The first 24 hours are critical, and incredibly,the brave dog managed to pull through, but she was far from out of the woods. Her small body could take up to four days to completely metabolize the poison.


Source: Brittany Turnbill

Although Sugar was unconscious during her ordeal, her heart beat increased when she heard the voices of visitors, showing that she was becoming more aware, and was determined to survive.Three days later, she opened her eyes, and after a good hearty meal, Sugar was feeling much more like herself. However, she was still in need of medical observation to monitor any ongoing effects of the drug.


Source: Brittany Turnbill

Amazingly, the Shih-Tzumanaged to dispel the poison from her system entirely, meaning that no serious damage was done to her brain or major organs.This little dog, who was mistakenly injected with a toxic and potentially fatal substance, fought against all the odds and came out of it alive. She is ready to get back to her family and continue to give them love for many more years to come.

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