This Little Abandoned Dog Just Died 'Of A Broken Heart'

Andrea A.

Abandoned at Bucaramanga Airport in Colombia, a little 2-year-old dog called Nube Viajera (travelling cloudin Spanish) died of grief, according to an article inThe Daily Mail. The canine was at the airport for 4 weeks and eventually stopped eating, despite the efforts of staff and locals to save her.

Source: CEN

For a month, Nube Viajera wandered the terminal, searching in vain for a family who would never come back for her. After her death, veterinarians examined her and explained that, essentially, she had died of a 'broken heart'; depressed after being abandoned, she lost her appetite and finally became too weak and ill to survive. Alejandro Sotomonte Nino, a vet at the Colombian Animal Protection Foundation, said:

Her health deteriorated rapidly in just 48 hours and, despite us giving her food and an IV drip, she was deeply depressed and did not survive.  

Source: CEN

A terrible death that shows the love and loyalty a dog can have for their human.

Source: CEN

H/t: The Daily Mail

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