This Lamb Was On The Brink Of Death Before He Met His Unusual Best Friend


Charlie the lamb had a terrible start to life. Born on the longest night of the year, his mom died soon after he was born and within two days he was very sick. The farmer who owned him didn't want to look after him and posted an advert online, looking for a buyer.This ad caught the attention ofCarla Reilly Moore and her husband, who run Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. They offered to take Charlie, but the farmer, skeptical of sanctuaries because they often criticize farms for their practices, said no.

Source: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

However, time was running out for the newborn lamb, so the couple's friends stepped in, managing to buy Charlie without mentioning where they would take him.When Charlie arrived at Happy Tails, he was in a very sorry state. He had chronic diarrhea, was lacking several vital nutrients and had also been banded (a way of docking the tail without surgery) wrong, causing damage to his tail and testicles.

Source: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

But luckily, Charlie wasn't left alone to deal with his illness. The Moores had recently taken in a little calico kitten who they'd found outside their house and named Dora. She took to the orphaned lamb immediately, cuddling up to him and playing with him as soon as he recovered from the surgery necessary to fix his injuries.

Source: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

Moore toldThe Dodo:

Dora and Charlie have a kinship now, both animals were in dire need, and both animals were taken in by us, both animals were brought back to health, and together they are now living out their life here at Happy Tails Farm. They had an instant connection - like it was always meant to be.

Source: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

Even when Charlie grew big and strong enough to move to the barn with the other farm animals Moore had saved, Dora didn't forget her friend and cuddle buddy. She continued to visit him, trotting down to spend time with and play with him.https://www.facebook.com/HappyTailsFarmSanctuary/videos/1621265761235708/Charlie himself has become quite the local celebrity, starring in events at Happy Tails such as 'Yoga with Charlie', where people can do yoga in the presence of the sanctuary's animals. According to Moore, they help keep people calm and connected to nature.

Source: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

If you would like to help Charlie, Dora and their friends, you can donate to Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary or buy things for them from their wishlist. You can follow Charlie and Dora's adventures on Facebook.

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