This Kitty Fighting A Toy Tiger Proves She's The Best Boxer In The Catmosphere

Andrea A.

Since last Saturday, this cat is sweeping the internet by storm. We all know how territorial cats can be. They don't like any intruders in their home.Butwe thought that an innocent little stuffed toywould be able to pass under the radar.But this wasn't just any stuffed toy... This was a stuffed tiger. Oh yes, the tiger, queen of the cat kingdom. Well not in this house. Not with this cat. This cat puts on her boxing gloves, hops into the ring and throws the most impressive undercut we've ever seen.


Source : @YouTube

Within a few days, the video had already been watched over 2 million times.She sure is impressive! Perhaps the cat is so annoyed because she can't get over the tiger's composure. This kitty here thought she was the most serene feline in the world... Well clearly not here. Left, right, straight on, she just keeps whacking him in the face.


Source : @YouTube

Watch the hilarious video here:[embed][/embed]

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