This Kitten's Great Escape Just To Play With Her Puppy Friend Already Has 2 Million Views

Andrea A.

This video has been rapidly making its way around the internet.And forgood reason! It's difficultto resist this kitten's adorable attempt to join her puppy neighbour in the enclosure on the other side of the wall. The actiontookplace at the Taiwanese pet storeJolinn Pet House on June 26.


Source : @JoLinn Pet House

The pup is equally excitedto see his mate, scratching at his enclosure with all his might. He even jumps up to speed up theprocess!


Source : @JoLinn Pet House

Needless to say, the video is incredibly adorable... Watch it for yourself and just try to resist:

今天見識到了:什麼叫做真正的,紅·杏·出·牆!是說隔壁小黃也太猴急了,還沒進門就拼命喇舌?????Posted by JoLinn Pet House 爵靈寵物 on Sunday, June 26, 2016

We shouldn't let this moving episode let us forget the sad fate of animals in pet stores who are treated purely as goods, shown off behind windows and sentenced to life in a tiny enclosure while they wait to be adopted.Luckily, animal-lovers are increasingly aware that adopting from rescue sheltersis the most ethical way of bringing an animal into your life.We'll say it again: adopt, adopt, adopt! And read more about the tiresome myths surrounding shelter homes which need to be dismissed.

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