This "Kitten" Saved From A Raccoon Trap Had An Incredible Surprise For His Rescuers

Andrea A.

Traps for animals considered to be nuisances can also be dangerous for domestic animals. That was sadly the case for Klaus, a cat found prisoner in a raccoon trap in Texas, reports The Dodo.


Source: Austin Animal Center

Covered in dirt and dust, Klaus was taken in by the Austin Animal Center(AAC), where volunteers estimated him to be about one year old. Hana Peterson, a member of the AAC, explained:

When he first came in he was hissing and backing away because he was frightened, but now he has warmed up so much. He loves to be pet all over but is still a bit reserved and shy.

Source : Austin Animal Center

A health exam slightly more in-depth revealed severe anemia:  the cat was extremely thin. The employees also received another surprise. Klaus was not one year old, but actually nine.


Source: Austin Animal Center

The animal was placed in a foster family, where he is relaxing and preparing for his sterilization, after which he'll be put up for adoption. While Klaus is still extremely shy - no doubt because of his fragile health - his foster mom explained that he is now eating well and has quickly put on some weight.


Source: Austin Animal Center

As soon as he's ready, no doubt that Kaus will find a forever family, so that he can finally leave the terrible event behind him, which he thankfully from unscathed.

H/t: The Dodo