This Island In The Caribbean Lets You Play With Adorable Puppies And It's The Best Thing Ever


Good news! Firstly, there's a kind of dog called a Potcake, which is adorable. Secondly, there's a whole island of them where you can walk them, play with them and generally get your fill of puppy-related activities.Potcake Place is a dog rescue charity on the island of Providenciales, part of the Turks and Caicos Islands near Cuba. Established in 1997, it was founded to help rescue the large amount of stray Potcakes, a breed native to the Caribbean, and now re-homes around 500 every year.

Source: Facebook/Potcake Place K-9 Rescue

Turks and Caicos' economy relies heavily on tourism and their authorities had started to poison and shoot the strays often seen around the island, fearing they were scaring tourists.ButJane Parker-Rauw, the founder of Potcake Place, came up with a solution in 2010: invite locals and tourists alike to take them on walks and play-dates. Not only does this make them look safer to potential tourists, but it also provides the puppies with invaluable socialization with humans and other dogs before they are sent to their forever homes.

Source: Instagram/stephgannon

There are, of course, rules, as Parker-Rauw told Buzzfeed:

All puppies wear a harness, as well as a collar, for these walks, and of course, a leash which must remain on at all times. People are told to make sure that the puppy is in the shade and does not get too hot, pick up all puppy poop, only give the approved treats that we provide, and see that the dog can't tug at the leash.

Nonetheless, the idea has proved to be so popular that busy days can see people waiting 2 hours or more to walk a puppy along the island's beautiful beaches.

Source: Instagram/ellybellie117

All puppies brought up by the charity are fully adoptable once they are ready and many are flown to the US and Canada to join their new families.If you would like to make a donation to Potcake Place or consider adopting one of these adorable pups, visit their website!

H/t: Teen Vogue and Buzzfeed

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