This Is The Reason Why We Never See 'Police Cats'

Andrea A.

Police dogs are something that we see very often, in both real life and popular culture, featuring heavily in film and TV during dramatic chase scenes and heartwarming final scenes.

Source: Caters News Agency

Used to sniff out drugs and explosives, find missing people and catch dangerous criminals, they are integral to our police forces and security teams worldwide.

Source: La Croix

But although police dogs are widely accepted in our society, why don't we see police cats at all? After all, cats are easier to transport and feed, and they also have an excellent sense of smell - not quite as good as a dog's, but certainly better than your average human's.Television journalist for Europe Matin, Philippe Vandel,decided to look into this case of furry 'discrimination'.

Source: Mashable

The answer is simple; because cats are cats. Although very intelligent, cats' behavior means that they are less likely to respond to orders every time they are given, as well as being less easy to train than a dog. Cats are also far more independent and won't necessarily see a human as their superior, unlike their canine counterparts.

Source: Molang Police

So, sadly, it looks like we won't be seeing a feline brigade any time soon.

Via : Philippe Vandel

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