This Inseperable Cat And Dog Duo Have Traveled Close To 950 Miles With Their Humans

Andrea A.

Bandito, the dog, and Luigi, the cat, became friends the second they met. Finn Paus and his partner, Seb Smetham, love their special connection. Finn told The Dodo:

Together they eat, sleep, fight, snore, dart and chase each other around constantly, every day!

Source: Finn Paus

The two animals have had the occasion to reinforce their friendship which is rather unusual. After the death of his parents, Finn decided to leave for a grand adventure and enjoy life to the fullest. Him and his companion decided to visit Spain - on foot - but never without their beloved animals.


Source : Finn Paus

And so they started their trip which lasted 46 days and 435 miles. Finn claims that this voyage completely changed their life: the two men decided to never go home and have continued their adbentures accompanied by Luigi and Bandito. To this day they have traveled more than 900 miles together.


Source: Finn Paus

Finn et Seb bought a large trolley for their adorable fur balls for when they prefer to rest, but Luigi and Bandito love to travel perched on the backs of their humans.


Source: Finn Paus

Finn et Seb intend to publish a childrens book about their crazy adventure, but before you can read it, don't miss their meanderings on their Facebook page!Watch this adorable video of Luigi and Bandito:

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