This Innovative Social Network Aims At Reuniting Lost Pets With Their Families. And They Need You


Here at Holidog, we know that pets are so much more than just animals. They are an important part of our families, which is why when they go missing, it is vital that you can reach out to as many people as possible to help bring them home.That's why Holidog is a proud sponsor ofPet Alert, a Facebook community which aims to raise awareness for missing cats and dogs. The page was launched in the UK in 2014 and has a single aim – to find lost pets and reunite them with their families. And they need your help!


First launched in France in the summer of 2012, Pet Alert has successfully managed to bring home more than 100,000pets in the four years that it has been active.Their 1,000,000 French members are vital to the process:by sharing the posts from the page with all their friends, family and other contacts, they makesure the news is spread as much and as quickly as possible!Each post that is published on the Facebook page ischecked by one of thePet Alert moderators, who verify that itis as up-to-date as possible, with all the important information about the missing pup to ensure his safe return home.


It is then up to the community to raise as much awareness as they can.In order for these pets to be brought home safely, Pet Alert relies on the sharing of these posts so that they receive the maximum exposureand attention.You can get involved in the work of Pet Alert with one easystep: joining the Facebook community for your county. By simply liking thepage for your local area, you can receive all the updates and posts about missing pets.Then you can share the post and help reunite him with his desperate parent!And if your beloved animal ever goes missing, you can reach out to thewidePet Alertcommunity with the knowledge that your post will be spread, giving you the maximum chance of finding your pet.With alittle help from the community, the process is so much quicker and easier.


We know that with your help, Pet Alert can return even more lost pets to their homes and families. If you're interested in bringing happiness to pet homes across the country,join your county pageon Facebook today!