This Independent Pooch Collects Money To Buy Her Own Tasty Treats


Holly, a 5-year-old Labrador, has come up with an ingenious plan for getting treats; paying for them! The independent pooch has been collecting dollars ever since she was a puppy, as her mom, Casi Cook, told The Dodo:

She was a thief, just like any puppy. She used to steal stuff out of all our bags, including money, and instead of chasing her around the house we would kind of bribe her with treats, so when she had money in her mouth we didn't want her to eat it so we would say, ‘Here Holly, take the treat and give me the money’. 

Source: Casi Cook

After a while, clever Holly drew a link between the money and the treats, and worked out that if she had money, she could trade it for food.While this meant that she was very sure not to destroy any of the notes she took -damaged dollars are worthless, for both Cook and Holly - it also turned her fancy for money into an obsession.

Source: Casi Cook

5 years later, Holly is a "money fiend", according to her amused mom:

If she steals a dollar from us, and she knows she does, she will hide the money by putting one of her toys in front of it. There are dollars all over the house! In the kitchen, the living room, on the stairs, in the hallway, in my bed. Everywhere you turn there is a dollar there. 

Source: Casi Cook

Even though she has her own piggy bank now, she still likes to hide her precious cash stash around the house.Holly currently has a whopping $87 to pay for her treats with and has even learned the value of a dollar, as Cook explained to PEOPLE:

Not only does she give you the money when she wants a treat. If you tell her ‘Go get a dollar!’ or ‘I will give you a cookie for a dollar!’ or ‘Where’s a dollar?’ She will run around the house until she finds one.

Source: Casi Cook

When she just can't wait for a treat, she will find the nearest person and gently give them a dollar. Coupled with big, puppy-dog eyes, it's proved to be a killer strategy.This 'mathematichien' has yet again proved the intelligence of our canine companions.

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