This Hospital Now Allows Pets To Visit Their Loved Ones


The Juravinski Hospital in Ontario, Canada, understands that sometimes man needs their best friend. So they've created a new initiative called Zachary's Paws for Healing which means that patients can receivevisits from their beloved pets.It's proven that our four-legged friends can relieve stress and lift our spirits, so it makes total sense to let them in for a cuddle with their sickly humans.


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The project is named after Zachary Noble, a 23-year-old who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and sadly passed away in 2014. His auntie, Donna Jenkins, quit her job to look after him full-time.All the while he was in hospital, Zachary longed to be able to see his beloved dogs and staff made an exception allowing him to spend time with his dogbefore he passed away.


Source: @ZacharyPawsForHealing

After his death, Donna felt inspired toset up herpets in hospitals project.Juravinksi Hospital has since permitted 25 four-legged visitors into its intensive care unit. Donna works closely with themedical staff, infection control workers and volunteer services to ensure their visit takes place as safely aspossible.


Source: @ZacharyPawsForHealing

Pets are often prohibited from enteringhospitals due to the potential transmission of possible infections. Particularly in intensive care units where the patients' immunity is very low, the risk runs higher. But Donna's working hard to make sure these pets can comfort their sickly humanswithout jeopardising their health.

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The staff give the pets medical checks before to verify thatthey are free from disease. Once permitted, they clean the animals thoroughly before bringing them into the hospital in covered cages so that theydon't come into contact with any patients other than their poorly humans.One of the patients who was able to see her dog through the Zachary Paws foundation said in an interview:

It's good medicine for people.

We agree.What a fantastic idea that canhopefullybe implemented in more hospitals all over the world!

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