This Heroic Young Cat Saved His Human From A Venomous Snake Bite

Andrea A.

Oreo, an adorable little cat from Orlando, Florida, was lauded a hero after saving his young human, Jaiden Peterson, from a diamondback rattlesnake, the most venomous species of snake in North America.

Source: Cyndi Anderson

According to LoveMeow, the little girl raised Oreo from when he was a kitten and the pair are the best of friends. Cyndi Anderson, Jaiden's grandma, explained:

It's not just Jaiden that has such a strong bond, although she is the closest. It's the whole family. He seems to watch over everyone in strange, inexplicable ways, including the 11 month old human sister. He seems to be wise beyond his years.

Source: Cyndi Anderson

Cyndi added that the cat acts almost like a dog, following his family everywhere they go and showing a protective and loyal nature. The 'guard cat', unsurprisingly, is very, very protective of Jaiden, to the point where he'd leap in a rattlesnake's path for her.One day when Jaiden and her sisters were playing outside, they noticed that Oreo, who was standing guard, had started to act strangely. Soon enough, they noticed the rattlesnake, which was very close to the kids.

Source: Cyndi Anderson

The brave cat launched himself at the snake while the family ran inside, getting bitten on the leg in the process. It started to swell up, so they took their little hero straight to a vet. Of course, Jaiden was by his side every step of the way.Luckily for Oreo, the treatment worked well and he bounced back, to the delight of his best friend. Marie Braithwaite, a family friend, told LoveMeow:

Sweet Jaiden was asked what she wanted for Christmas this year and she stated that all she wants is things for her kitty to be happy and healthy.

Source: Cyndi Anderson

H/t: LoveMeow

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