This Heroic Dog Saved A Woman From Being Attacked In The Street


A dog in Montenegro (a country near Greece in Europe) is being hailed a hero after chasing an attacker away from a woman living on his street, writesThe Dodo. Medo, a former stray whose name translates to 'teddy bear', considers his entire street to be his family, having three different houses to sleep in and 15 yards to play in.His loyalty to his 'pack' was shown clearly at the end of November when he flew at a man who'd knocked a woman to the ground. Footage captured on a neighbor's CCTV camera shows the young woman returning from shopping, followed by a man in a yellow jacket as Medo looks on.

Source: Vladan Pavicevic/Facebook

The man makes to attack her, pushing her to the ground, but the plucky canine reacts immediately, jumping at the man, biting him and chasing him away as he starts to run."While she was watching the video the next day she said, 'Medo saved me. God, Medo saved me,'" said the owner of the security camera,Vladan Pavicevic.Medo, a collective pet and integral part of the community, is not usually aggressive, according to Pavicevic, making his attack all the more miraculous. "He has the freedom to choose how much time he will be in the house, in the yard or on the street. We are blessed to have Medo and to have such an awesome neighborhood," he added to The Dodo.

Source: Vladan Pavicevic/Facebook

Of course, Medo has been rewarded very well for his quick-thinking, which saved his family member from what could have been a brutal attack. She gave him a special meal, fit for a prince, while everyone else gave him lots of loving attention.One thing's for sure; Medo is a very good boy!Watch Medo's rescue below:

H/t: The Dodo

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