This Hero Was Shot Dead When He Tried To Stop A Man Abusing A Dog

Last month, a 53-year-old American was shot when he tried to defend a dog who was being beaten in a parking lot in Benton Harbor, Michigan state, US.


Source : @Barkpost

David Krieger adored animals. He lived with two dogs, Trout, a Golden Retriever,andSophie, aLabrador.


Source : @Barkpost

As he was leaving a shop, he caught sight of a man brutally hitting his dog. There was no way David was going to ignore this abusive behaviour by getting in his car and going home. So he bravely approached them and tried to intervene.But the criminal, Roy Thompson, would not stop. He pulled out a gun and fired two bullets at point blank distance, killing David instantly.The murderer was caught by the police a few hours later.David was always trying to help animals who were suffering. His two dogs were also adopted from a rescue shelter.


Source : @Barkpost

Christine, his wife, told the siteBarkpost :

I received more than one phone call from him over the years saying ‚ÄúChrissy, I just passed a dog running loose can you come and help me try to catch it?‚ÄĚ

Speaking to the press, David's family paid tribute to him saying:

Dave was the best friend a person could ever ask for. He was protective of his wife and his two fuzzy children. He was an animal champion and died trying to protect what his passion was, which was animals. He's a true hero.

Source : @Barkpost

The dog whom David was defending is now healthy and in safe hands. The criminal has now been charged with open murder and felon possession of a firearm and is now awaiting trial. Words cannot express our horror at the injustice of such a selfless act. David died a true and utter hero.

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