This Guide Dog Was Just Poisoned To Death In Her Own Yard - Animal Activists Are Furious

In Greece, dogs are mostly seen as vermin. The strays wander the streets and it's not uncommon for them to be killed rather than brought to a shelter.


Source: Lara Guide Dog School

Things have recently been starting to change in some circles. The Orphan Petis a rescue group that goes around helping all of the animals who need help.Most of their stories have happy endings, but one was more a call to action than a rescue.TheLara guide dog schooltrains canines to work as service dogs for the visually impaired. Until recently, there weren't many options for the disabled.


Source: Lara Guide Dog School

The streets are dangerous to navigate and most places aren't accessible.So when Diamond was matched with her owner, Takis, she changed his life. She helped him traverse the often difficult streets.


Source: Lara Guide Dog School

The pair worked together for three weeks to understand each other and complete training.Until one day, after she had been his eyes for two years, someone threw a poisoned hamburger into the yard and killed her.It's common to poison dogs in Greece, give them rat poison or broken glass hiding within tempting treats. This has sadly been a method of "population control" for decades.


Source: Lara Guide Dog School

It's heartbreaking for animal activists and rescuers who are doing all they can but are overwhelmed by the thousands of strays.In this case, Diamond wasn't a stray, but a beloved service dog. That didn't stop someone from wanting her dead.


Source: Lara Guide Dog School

It is extremely difficult to find the culprit unless someone is willing to admit it, but The Orphan Pet, and all the charities listed here, will keep fighting for all of the animals who need a voice. You can donate to any of them to help protect dogs like Diamond.

H/t: The Orphan Pet

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