This Gravely Injured Puppy Ran Into Just The Right Person To Save His Life


When Jessica Haltzman decided to go on a trip around Southeast Asia, she never expected to pick up a best friend along the way, writesThe Dodo.The Pennsylvania native had decided to go on her trip after a bad breakup with her boyfriend. She started her journey in New Delhi, India, volunteering for an organization called Sadhana Forest. But trees weren't the only thing she would help save, as she discovered when she heard yelping outside her hostel.

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Rushing outside, she discovered the source of the noise; a tiny puppy, lying in the road. "I knew at that moment I needed to save his life," Haltzman told The Dodo. She scooped the agonized animal off the ground and immediately began to ask passers-by if they knew where she could find a vet.Eventually a tuk-tuk driver said he did and took the pair there, where it was discovered that the little pup was suffering from broken hips and an infected wound. Luckily, it seemed that these were fixable, as long as he received lots of TLC - and Haltzman was prepared to do just that.

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The vet bandaged him up and gave him medication, while the selfless young woman headed to a pet shop to get her new friend everything he would need to be comfortable during his recovery.Although she was fully prepared to take care of the puppy, who she named Delhi after his home city, there were a few complications to sort out. India was just the first stop on a months-long trip around Southeast Asia; how was she going to be able to do that with a sick dog in tow?

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But she couldn't give up on him. So instead, she decided to modify her journey so that Delhi could come with her! Instead of flying, she took buses and trains, vaccinating him fully before she left India so that he could be cleared for cross-border travel.It took longer, and caring for a puppy in such dire need was exhausting, but for the compassionate woman it was all worth it to see the pup go from strength to strength.

Source: delhithestreetdog/Instagram

Together, they've traveled and explored 3 countries: India, Nepal and Thailand. Luckily, Delhi has turned out to be a calm and friendly dog, who charms everyone he meets - especially his new mom. Soon, he'll be flying to the U.S. while she finishes her trip:

Luckily my mom is meeting me in Thailand. She is going to fly Delhi back to the USA while I continue my travels till the end of February. My mom will be watching him till I get back. He is going to be the most spoiled dog.

Source: delhithestreetdog/Instagram

Then it will be on to Washington State, to begin a new life, far from the struggles of the street.You can follow Delhi's adventures on his Instagram!If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting through one of your local shelters, such as theASPCAif you are from the U.S. or theRSPCAif you live in the U.K.

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