This Fish Has Been Coming To Get A Kiss From His Friend Every Day For 20 Years


For over 20 years, an incredible friendship has been blossoming underwater inChiba, Japan, and it's between a manand a fish, reportsThe Dodo.As crazyas it may seem, Yoriko, who belongs to the family of Sheepshead fish, is never late for his daily encounter with his human friend: Hiroyuki Arakawa.This type of friendship has never been seen before and it's thanks tothe local diver'ssuper unique job.Indeed, Hiroyuki has the important job of overseeing the underwater shrine in Tateyama Bay dedicated to the Shinto religion.The scuba diverhas therefore become utterly devoted to the area and its marine inhabitants, who he sees every working day.


Source: @Hiroyuki Arakawa/Facebook

Hiroyuki makes sure that the shrine is in a good state, repairs it if needs be, and leads people there who wish to pray at the spiritual place.Whenever the man dives down to the shrine, Yoriko the fish is always there to welcome him with open fins.Hiroyuki barelymakes it to the temple before the friendly fish comes swimming towards him to greet him.


Source: @Hiroyuki Arakawa/Facebook

And the fish approaches, his friend gentlystrokes his head...


Source: @Hiroyuki Arakawa/Facebook

And then, as a sign of respect, he lifts off his mask...


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And he gives his best friend a kiss on the forehead!


Source: @Hiroyuki Arakawa/Facebook

The fish then driftsoff, very satisfied by their exchange.


Source: @Hiroyuki Arakawa/Facebook

Whilst it has not yet been scientifically proved whether fish have feelings, the story between these two old friends shows us that there's a lot more to them than meets the eye.Whilst we wait for science to prove what nature seems to show, Yoriko, which means "trustworthy" in Japonese, is true to his name when you see how loyal he is to his human companion.Discover the pair'sdaily ritual underwater in the video below:[embed][/embed]

H/t: @TheDodo