This Family Thought Their Baby Was Dead. They Can't Hold Back Their Joy To Find Him Alive

OnMay 9, a 6-week-old baby otter began to drown after slipping into the canal at high tide in Singapore.


Source: @Patrick Ng/ OtterWatch

Normally, all would have been lost for baby Toby. But this was one lucky pup: he was spotted by 60-year-oldPatrick Ng. The retiree jumped into the water and came out withToby, safe and sound.


Source: @Patrick Ng/ OtterWatch

After his heroic deed, Ng left Toby on the ledge, hoping that his family would quickly return for the otter.OtterWatchnoticed that Toby's family, given the affectionate nickname Marina 9, hadn't come back for him when they found a new home. They called Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) to lend a hand.In the safe hands of the WRS, Toby was nursed and fed with a bottle, since otter pups are so dependent on their mother's milk.


Source: @FastSnail/ YouTube

Toby recovered quickly and was ready to be released back into the wild on May 19.He was nervous at first, and didn't want to leave his carrier.


Source: @FastSnail/ YouTube

In the end, the WRS team took Toby out of his carrier and put himback on the sand. His squeaking and scuttling attracted the attention of his family close by.


Source: @FastSnail/ YouTube

The otters family all came to collect Toby together, clearly glad to see him again!


Source: @FastSnail/ YouTube

Soon they were off, united once more and happy with Toby back where he belongs.The WRS are keeping a close eye on the pup to make sure that all goes well with his return to the family.


Source: @FastSnail/ YouTube

Mr Sivasothi, a biologist who was integral to the rescue process, said of the reunion: "Today I experienced a strong, unencumbered feeling of joy. No doubt about how we did what we did. Still aglow from that wonderful conclusion!"You can watch the absolutely adorable video of this touching moment right here:

H/t: The Dodo

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