This Family Found Their Missing Cat On Christmas Day After 7 Long Years

This might just be the best Christmas present ever. A German family who had lost their cat for over 7 years found him on Christmas Day. Miko, this adorable black and white cat, disappeared from his home in 2008 and was never found. The Hanke family who live in Berlin desperately searched for him for weeks and weeks. But to no avail. They sadly lost hope and feared their cat had probably not survived, having to fend for himself on the streets.


Source : @TheGuardian

But on Christmas Day this year, some people living inKreuzberg, several miles away from the family's home, found Miko.foyer de la famille Hanke, repèrent Miko.These kind people took him into a shelter where they tracked down his family through his microchip.Imagine the Hanke's surprise to hear that their beloved cat had been found and was in safe hands! A true Christmas miracle!The charity announced:

A family living in Berlin-Charlottenburg have had a true Christmas miracle this year with a real 'happy-ending'. On Christmas Day, they learned that their missing cat had been found - after seven long years. 

Elena Hanke, who was 11 years old when her companion disappeared, wentto collect her cat with her family on Boxing Day.


Source : @TheGuardian

Examined by a vet, Miko was said to be"a bit too thin" but"in good health".No one knows how this cat survived after all these years.We are so happy for the Hanke family who truly got the best Christmas present they could ever dream of!

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Andrea A.