This Extremely Sick Man Received An Unexpected Visit At The Hospital Which Saved His Life

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Francisco Mena, from Brazil, found himself bedridden for four months at the Porto Alegre Hospital. The man was originally admitted for a perforation of the intestine, but complications meant that he was forced to remain for treatment. With no appetite, Francisco ended up losing a lot of weight and had become too weak to walk, not even able to leave his bed, reportsThe Dodo.

Publié par Valeria Do Canto Maciel sur mardi 4 avril 2017

Extremely depressed by the situation, the Brazilian had lost interest in everything, up until the day an old friend came to visit: his beloved horse, Esquidor. The hospital allows visits from pets, but up until that point, only dogs and cats had entered the establishment. However, doctors quickly understood that a visit from Esquidor could very well help Francisco to get better.

Publié par Valeria Do Canto Maciel sur mardi 4 avril 2017

The doctors were right. At the beginning of April, the day of his 65th birthday, Francisco was finally able to see his horse again outside the hospital. Daniel Souto Silveira, one of the man's doctors, explained to the newspaper Zero Hora:

It was very surprising for me. [Francisco] gave him love, and the horse returned it, doing something which the animal couldn't imagine: he saved his life.
Posted by Valeria Do Canto Maciel on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Francisco's state improved visibly afterwards, and the man was eventually able to leave the hospital.


Source: Globo

H/t : The Dodo

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