This Extremely Muscular Cat Has Become A True Internet Sensation

Andrea A.

He's certainly worthy of his name. The "buff cat" is every inch the bodybuilder with his undeniably impressive musculature.

Source: Twitter

Buff cat was first seen on the streets of Montreal, Quebec at the end of May, and his fan base has been growing ever since. Today, his Twitter account has no less than 17,000 subscribers, who compete to create the most imaginative memes, images or viral videos taken by thousands of people on the Internet.

Source: Twitter

Here are some of the funniest ones we could find!


jurassic park but its buff cat

— foolish natty warrior (@dietrichbrah) 30 mai 2018


Oh fuck Buff Cat found the industrial protein warehouse

— hell yeah brother (@Send_Lwyds) 29 mai 2018


@officialbuffcat avengers infinity buff cat #buffcat

— Riccardo Pio Antonio Bruzzi (@Riccardo92100) 6 juin 2018


When the rest of the internet inevitably moves on from the buff cat, but I'm just not ready yet

— az (@zieg) 1 juin 2018


What if Shiva was actually Buff Cat?! ? #BuffCat #TheWalkingDead

— GammaRay (@GammarayTV) 31 mai 2018


"Buff Cat" Is Internet's Newest Favorite Animal

— 9GAG (@9GAG) 1 juin 2018

H/t: Bored Panda