This Extra-Special Cat Is Raising Money For Charity And Melting Hearts All Over The Internet

Andrea A.

Cashnip Kitty is a very special cat. After being adopted at 6 months by Tusla-based company GuRuStu, he is now perfectly at ease in the office, as the company's CEO Stuart McDaniel explains:

He hangs out with everyone at the office and often walks on our keyboards and even sends a few emails before we're ready for them to be sent.

Source: GuRuStu

At the end of August 2017, the employees of GuRuStu noticed something rather strange; the appearance of bank notes, near the office door. Stuart continued:

Our buildings are located in one of the entertainment districts in downtown Tulsa and a lot of foot traffic goes by our door.

Source: GuRuStu

Intrigued by this strange occurrence, the employees came up with an interesting theory; passersby were amusing themselves with Cashnip Kitty by sliding a note between the two door panels. The cat then scurried over to catch them as they fluttered into the office.

Source: GuRuStu

They decided to test the theory by taking it in turns to dangle notes in front of the cat, who without a second thought grabbed them in his paws. After this discovery, the team has decided to use Cashnip Kitty's talents for a good cause by placing a message on the door, telling everyone that all the money earned this way would be donated to a homeless person's charity. Stuart went on:

Being in the downtown area we see a lot of homeless people pass by our window as they walk to the various nonprofit agencies who provide them services, like the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. It weighs heavy on our hearts.

Source: GuRuStu

Currently, the resourceful cat has raised $100... And he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon!

Source  GuRuStu

You can watch a video of CASHNip Kitty in action below:

Mary & Jamie Oldaker Visit Cashnip KittyWhen the legendary Jamie Oldaker and his wife Mary B Oldaker stop by, you don't just PUSSYFOOT AROUND; you put on a show! Yesterday was Jamie's birthday and stopping by to make a donation was part of the plan. Friends, this couple is the cat's meow! They and many of the merchants in the East Village District Tulsa raised $15,000 for The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless at their MOJO Fest 2017. The annual festival celebrates the couples anniversay and raises money for the very same nonprofit as #CashnipKitty.Yep, they are both sweeter than a bowl of cream!Publié par CASHnip Kitty sur mercredi 6 septembre 2017

H/t: LoveMeow

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