This English Bulldog Just Became The First Female Mascot For A Marine Corps Depot


The Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina, just named their newest mascot, and she's the first of her kind.

Source: Facebook/MCRD Parris Island

Opha Mae, an English Bulldog, is the first ever female mascot for the military organization and is named afterOpha Mae Johnson, the first female marine who enlisted in 1918 along with some other 300 women.The English Bulldog became the Marine Corps' unofficial mascot during World War I. At the time, there were reports that German troops were calling the Marines 'teufel-hunden', which roughly translates to devil dogs.

Source: Greg Thomas/The Beaufort Gazette

In response to this, a Marine recruitment poster was created with a photo of a snarling English Bulldog in a military uniform.The dog proved to be a hit and the English Bulldog quickly became the symbol of the U.S Marine Corps.Opha Mae is the 21st mascot for the depot and will take over from her predecessorCpl. Legend who has been serving since 2011 but sadly, has recently begun to suffer health problems, triggering the training of his replacement. The mascot before him wasSgt. Archibald Hummer who sadly passed away in the Summer of 2011.

Source: Greg Thomas/The Beaufort Gazette

Once the Bulldog has finished her training, she will take over such responsibilities such asattending ceremonial events, Morning Colors ceremonies and graduations.The spokesman for the Parris Island, Captain Adam Flores explainedto the Beaufort Gazette that the little dog is currently a 'poolee', meaning that she has officially been enlisted into the organization but has yet to complete her training.

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