This Dying Puppy Realises She's Being Rescued And Finds The Strength To Wag Her Tail

Watch the incredibly moving moment this puppy, left to die on the roadside in India, sees humans coming to rescue her. Thanks to the amazing work ofAnimal Aid Unlimited in India, the poor pup is now back on her feet, walking again, and receiving lots of cuddles.


Source: @YouTube

India struggles with a massive number of stray dogs, a lot of which don't survive in the harsh conditions of the streets, with no food and often abuse from locals.When the Indian animal charity saw this pup on a roadside in Udaipur, they carefully approached her, and despite being on the brink of death, she managed to wag her tail at her rescuers.

The expression “my cup runneth over” could be the anthem for those lucky enough to see that animals are angels. Each new...Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Thursday, 31 December 2015

The gorgeous pup had to be attached to a drip for 14 days to recover from canine distemper, which most dogs die from. But she survived. She's now happier than ever in the love and care of the wonderful volunteers at Animal Aid.Watch the emotional video here:[embed][/embed]