This Dog Was So Terrified She Didn't Even Want Her Rescuers To Touch Her


Last January, Danielle Eden, a Canadian specialized in saving mistreated animals all over the world, decided to take a crazy risk to save all the animals of a shelter, situated in Israel. In total, more than 250 animals lived in a tiny space with frightening living conditions. Faced with this sad spectacle, Eden, didn't hesitate one second.


Source: Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary

The animals were progressively sent to her shelter, Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary, situated in the town of King in Ontario, Canada. In November, one of the last animals from Israel finally arrived at the sanctuary. Her name was Doba, and she was a small dogs whose traumatic past could still be seen in her eyes.Clare Forndran, a member of Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary, tellsThe Dodo:

I remember that when she was taken out of her crate there was a collective gasp from our entire team. All of the dogs were in rough shape, but none looked as terrible as her.

Source: Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary

Doba was incapable of closing her mouth because of a tooth infection. According to vets this was probably caused by compulsively biting the bars of her metal cage in Israel. Her fur was so matted and tangled that it was painful.


Source: Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary

The terrified pup has since started to regain her trust, little by little. Forndran explains:

It was almost as though she immediately knew that she was in a better place and that she was safe here. She allowed one of our staff members to take her for that first walk, and, although she was very shy, you could tell that she was hopeful.

Source: Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary

Doba has since blossomed. Eager for human contact, she doesn't stop wagging her tail as soon as she's approached.


Source: Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary

Very playful, the pooch loves to play with the other dogs at the sanctuary. For Forndran, it's obvious that Doba's new environment is what made the transformation. The adorable fur ball is still waiting for a family, so she can finally enjoy her peaceful existence, long from the shelter in Israel.


Sourc : Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary

H/t: The Dodo