This Dog Was Saved Moments Before Her Owner Planned To Shoot And Bury Her


Chris Lynch, a conservation officer for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, never expected to save a four-legged life while he was out on patrol in mid March. However, that was exactly what happened when he spotted two suspicious looking men, along with their dog, on private property.


Source: Delta Animal Shelter

As he got closer, the officer noticed the first man placing an objectback into his car which, upon inspection, he discovered to be a loaded rifle. Next, he realized that the second man was digging a hole in the distance, and Lynch quickly began to piece the scene together.They were planning on killing and burying the sweet dog running alongside them.


Source: Delta Animal Shelter

His suspicions were confirmed when the men confessedthat they were planning to bury their pet because she was “wasold”.


Source: Upper Michigan Source

Lynch proceeded to inform them that they were trespassing on private property, were not permitted to have a loaded rifle in their vehicle, and that there was an animal shelter only 10 minutes away, where the animal could be cared for if the men were no longer willing.They quicklyadmitted that their actions “probably weren’t the smartest thing to do,” and Chris managed to convince them to hand the dog over to him.


Source: Upper Michigan Source

He took the adorable dog, named Tunzy, to the no-kill Delta Animal Shelter, where she was welcomed with open arms. Staff remarked that the dog was in good health, and had plenty of years left in her, that would have been taken away if the officer had arrived just moments later.They took care of her, and within weeks, the charming canine had won the hearts of a new family and was adopted. Thanks to the quick intervention of Lynch, Tunzy has found her forever home.

H/t: The Dodo

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