This Dog Was On The Brink Of Death After Being Trapped Alone In An Abandoned Apartment

Boden, a young dog of around four years old, was found by the rescue organization Rescue Dogs Rock NYC abandoned and starved in an empty apartment at the start of April.


Source: Hendrick & Co

The canine was extremely underweight and in a terrible state. He was too weak to walk or even stand up, leading rescuers to assume that the poor animal hadn't had access to food or water for several days.Boden was down to his last ounce of strength and would have passed away soon if the rescue team hadn't arrived. He was rushed to a veterinary center to receive immediate critical care. The canine had lesions in his mouth and was suffering from partial paralysis caused by lesions in the nervous system.


 Source: Hendrick & Co

A few days after he was rescued, Boden's condition finally began to slowly improve, although he was still in a critical condition. The American animal rescue association Hendrick & Co who sells clothing and accessories to raise funds to help animals in need reported on their website:

Boden is the sweetest dog on the planet. At a measly 26 pounds he is so lucky to be alive! His prognosis has gone from poor on Friday to ‚Äúhopeful‚ÄĚ today. He‚Äôs eating and on IV fluids. His liver values are concerning, but his blood will be continuously monitored to make sure we are doing everything possible to get him healthy again.

The adorable dog is still fighting for his life today, but as soon as he is strong and healthy enough he will be released from the clinic and put up for adoption, ready to find a loving forever home where he can forget all about his traumatic start in life.


Source: Hendrick & Co

Hendrick & Co sells various items of clothing and accessories and donates 10$ from each purchase to a shelter in the USA. The association has already donated over a million dollars to shelters in need since its creation in 2011. To find out more about this association, visit their website by clicking here.

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