This Dog Was Just Abandoned In Front Of A Shelter In A Tiny Crate With A Note


A volunteer at the Henry County ​Humane Society,located in Illinois, was walking one of the shelter's dogs, when he noticed a small crate that had been left in front of a shelter building being constructed.

 Source: Henry County Humane Society

To his surprise, on opening it, he found an adult dog without food or water, accompanied only by a hand-written letter explaining the situation:

Hi, my name is Buddy. I have all my shots. I took flea medication today. I have outgrown the apartment I live in and need a new home with a big yard to run in and am AMAZING with children. It is very hard for me to leave a home where I am very loved and cherished, but I hope I can bring joy to my new family.

Buddy's owners didn't lie, he was in excellent health and condition. That being said, he seemed to be lost on his first few days, without knowing why his family left him alone in a box.

 Source: Henry County Humane Society

After some adjustment, his true personality started to become more visible. He is extremely playful and affectionate, treating the world like his play pen.It didn't take long for the refuge to select among the numerous adoption applications flowing in, and a few days later, his new family was chosen. His new parents are a young couple who already have one other dog. They had been searching for a playmate for him for a while, and fell in love with Buddy.

Source: Henry County Humane Society

The shelter has decided to name the new building in honor of Buddy, for a symbolic reason. While the dog was trapped in a tiny crate, the association will assure that in the future the animals there will have all the space they need to live, play and run, in the new "Buddy's Play Pen."

* * *

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