This Dog Was In Excruciating Pain From A Wire Cutting Into His Stomach, Now He's Unrecognizable


Animal Aid Unlimited India comes to the rescue of so many of the most dire cases imaginable. This was no different.The team was notified of a dog who had a wire wrapped around his torso so tight that it had dug through his flesh, and his muscles had started to grow over top.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

He was in excruciating pain, and no one knows how long he must have lived like that, but it could have been months.The organization sedated him so they couldmeticulously remove the wire. They flushed out and bandaged the wound and gave him treatment for the infection. There seemed to be an immediate improvement in the pain.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

The dog, dubbed Ben, had to remain immobile for a while during the healing process, but the team says he is one of the bravest pups they've ever seen:

It’s as if he held on to a very specific dream: he simply HAD to play again. He would wait as long as it took, but he had to play.

Now, he runs around with all of his new friends. Ben loves playing tag and is completely transformed. You would never know it's the same dog.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

His energy and spirit are unbreakable.

Ben burst onto the scene with so much joy in life that we all just stood back in wonder.

They don't know how the pup got into the predicament, whether it was an accident or unspeakable cruelty, however, Ben's tragic past is behind him, and he has a bright future ahead.If you would like to donate to the Animal Aid Unlimited India team who make all of this possible, click here.Watch the full video of the rescue below:

H/t: Animal Aid Unlimited India

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