This Dog Was Hit By A Car But Now She Is Officially 'The Happiest In The World'


Scooty lost the use of her back legs when she was hit by a car at only six months old, but this special pup, who now lives in Las Vegas, never lets that get her down and was voted 'the happiest dog in the world' by Solid Goldin January.


Source: Solid Gold Pet Food

She began her life as a stray dog living on the streets of Mexico and had to drag her injured hind legs behind her, causing deep cuts and putting her in a lot of pain. Luckily, she was found by rescuers who rushed her to the hospital where doctors thought that the canine was permanently paralyzed and would never walk again.However, the charming dog quickly found a new mom to take care of her after her story was posted on social media. Erica Loring fell in love with her straight away and refused to give up on such a special dog. She made the journey to Mexico and adopted her new four-pawed companion.


Source: Instagram/@super_scooty

Scooty's injuries were severe and she needed intensive physical therapy, which Loring was more than willing to give. Slowly, the determined dog began to prove all of her doctors wrong and started to walk again, in her own special way.She scoots along the floor pulling her back legs along with her.


Source: Instagram/@Super_scooty

The pampered pooch also has a wheelchair to help her get around, but she is more than happy to run around on her own and is even starting to regain use of her hind legs.With lots of love and care from her determined mom and her favorite hydrotherapy, Scooty has begun to wag her tail again and can walk small distances unassisted.


Source: Instagram/@Super_scooty

Her proud mom even decided to make the dog her very own Instagram account to show the world just how special she is. Since then, the canine has amassedsome 45,000 followers and was given the title of 'the happiest dog in the world.'Loringdescribed how the canine deserves the impressive accolade:

Scooty is THE happiest dog on the planet because nothing can slow her down! We adopted her after unfortunate circumstances, being hit by a car and left paralyzed on the streets of Mexico. Since then Scooty has charmed everyone she meets with her infectious smile and goofy personality, I know she makes me smile every day!

Source: Instagram/@Super_Scooty

To follow Scooty's adventures on Instagram click, here, or to make a donation to help her mom with her continuing care click, here.

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