This Dog Was Hit By A Car And Left For Dead


At the end of 2016, the Animal Aid Unlimited rescue team in India were made aware of an injured dog lying in the street. They rushed to the scene and, surely enough, found him lying with an open gash on his head.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

They approached slowly and the pup seemed friendly, but in severe pain. The rescuers discovered that his head was not the only place he was hurt... When the looked under his back legs, they saw a huge, open, bloody wound. Passers-by told them the dog had been hit by a car.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

He was in such pain that they had a hard time picking him up in the soft blanket they had brought to comfort him. But eventually the rescue team, along with their newest victim, made it back to the Animal Aid Unlimited clinic.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

They began the process of treating this poor dog, starting with cleaning and dressing all his deep wounds. The doctors also gave him antibiotics to fight the infection that had been caused from the open lacerations.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

Goldie was so exhausted from the trauma of the accident and the pain of recovery, that all he did for the first couple of days was sleep at the shelter. Luckily, he started showing signs of getting better thanks to the medical care as well as the love, affection and support of the shelter staff.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

Two months after Goldie was found lying, injured and afraid, in the middle of the street, his wounds had almost entirely healed and he was doing much better.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

The pup now loves to run around with his new friends and play with the volunteers at the shelter. He always has a smile on his adorable face and won't stop jumping for joy.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

Please consider giving a donation to Animal Aid Unlimited India to help them continue their amazing and important work. So many street animals in India desperately need their help. You can watch the watch the full video of the amazing rescue mission and transformation below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R04dlElPjYs[/embed]

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