This Dog Was Forced To Live In A Hole And Lost All Of Her Fur Due To Neglect


In January of 2015, a three-year-old french bulldog was found living in a small hole in the ground in Los Angeles, California, by police when they raided a suspected 'chop shop.' At first they weren't even sure that the animal was a dog, as she had been living in such awful conditions.


Source: Riverside Animal County Services 

The canine had been confined in darkness, and had clearly suffered serious neglect. She was filthy, had black teeth and her nails hadn't been cut in so long that they had started to curl underneath, leaving the animal unable to walk.She was also suffering from multiple infections and demodex mange, which had gone completely untreated, and as a result, the dog was completely furless.


Source: Riverside County Animal Services

Police took the canine to Riverside County Animal Services, where she was nicknamed Yoda by staff because of her unique and hairless appearance. From there, Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon, heard about the bulldog and decided to take her in.Staff were immediately charmed by the special dog and renamed her Pika, ready to start her on the road to recovery. They took her to three veterinarians and her infections were quickly treated, but the canine still suffers from mange and is mostly furless. Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of the shelter, described in aFacebook post:

I fell in love the minute I saw Pika, and I knew right then I could never let her go. She will always have some health issues but she's much healthier and happier now.

Source: Instagram/@pika_outofthe_hole

Sadly, the car thieves that kept the bulldog in a hole in the ground will not be charged with animal cruelty offences, as there was not enough evidence for the case.However, Pika now has a new mom, and eight new furry siblings as Wilhardt was so enamored with the special animal that she decided to make her a part of her ever growing rescue dog family.


Source: Instagram/@pika_outofthe_hole

In particular, she has formed a special bond with her new pitbull brother. The pair have become inseparable and the french bulldog can't stop showering him with licks.


Source: Instagram/@pika_outofthe_hole

Pika is most definitely living a much happier and healthier life now, and has even become an Instagram hit with almost 15 thousand followers. You can follow her adventures outside of the hole with her human, here.If you would like to help Luvable Dog Rescue to carry out their amazing work, you can make a donation, here.Watch the video of Pika's story below:[embed][/embed]

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