This Dog Was Abandoned And Left Waiting In The Rain For Hours Until She Came Along


Valinda Cortez was just running an errand one Sunday morning when she saw the most heartbreaking sight.


Source: Valinda Cortez

It was a dog sitting in front of a convenience store in the pouring rain, clearly abandoned. The woman told The Dodo:

When I got out of the car, my heart sank. This poor baby had been out in the rain and cold for a long time. She was freezing.

Cortez draped a blanket over the shaking pup who did not move. She slowly started petting her and gaining her trust. She spent an hour in the rainy parking lot with the sweet girl.


Source: Valinda Cortez

She decided to take the dog with her and get her out of the cold, and figure out details later.

Her hair was wet and matted. Her front leg was cut. Her eyes were obviously infected. My heart was breaking. I never think these things through so I wasn't sure what I was going to do with her after I had her.

Source: Valinda Cortez

Her friend Sue Massi volunteered at a local shelter, so she called her to see if she could help. Massi and an animal control officer got to the convenience store about 20 minutes later where they put the pup in the car and took her to the shelter.

Humans had let her down but hopefully the food, warm blanket and love I gave her will restore her faith in humans.

The dog, who they dubbed Cassie, seemed to perk up with someone to love her. Her depression seemed to melt away after a bath and a warm home.


Source: Valinda Cortez

She was put up for adoption, but it looks like she already found her forever home! If you are in the Ashville, North Carolina area and would like to adopt another pet from the same shelter, click here. You can also donate to help their fight for abandoned animals here.

H/t: The Dodo