This Dog Used As Bait Spent Days On An Old Sofa And Nobody Stopped To Help

Duke, a stray dog in Texas, USA, spent days alone on an old sofa that had been dumped on the street .He refused to move for any reason other than to search through nearby bins for scraps of food, most likely waiting for the people that abandoned him to return.


Source: Leslie Ysuhuaylas

Local residents were aware of the dog, who was clearly injured, but failed to contact the relevant authorities to help him reports The Dodo.Then, one day in March, someone finally posted some photos of the dog, who had lost almost all of his fur to mange, on Facebook.


Source: Leslie Ysuhuaylas

Leslie Ysuhuaylas, a Texas resident working for the New York-based dog rescue organization Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, immediately sent a volunteer to the dog's location after coming across the alarming photos online. She explained to The Dodo:

He was very scared, and he didn't really trust people. He was very wary.

The canine was extremely nervous but the determined volunteer eventually managed to bring him to her car and drove him straight to a veterinary center in Dallas, Texas.Duke had to be treated for a shocking array of ailments: anemia, dehydration, mange, fleas and cataracts.


Source: Leslie Ysuhuaylas

The veterinarian also discovered that the poor animal's teeth had been filed down, a common practice in dog fighting. It seems that Duke had been used as a 'bait dog' before he was found.These animals are used as 'training devices' for other dogs as they cannot retaliate when attacked.It is clear that Duke had a very difficult start in life, leaving both physical and emotional scars. The canine spent three weeks recovering in the clinic before his fur finally started to grow back and he was healthy enough to move on.


Source: Leslie Ysuhuaylas

Leslie visits Duke as often as she can and is thrilled to see him blossoming into a happy and confident dog.Last week, Duke was transferred to the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shelter where he has been put up for adoption. He is well on his way to forgetting all about his suffering and finding a loving forever home.

H/t: The Dodo

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