This Dog Too Weak To Walk Can't Stop Wagging His Tail To "Thank" His Rescuers

Andrea A.

Hope for Paws is an animal protection organization located in Los Angeles, California, particularly famous for their moving rescue videos posted on their YouTube channel. On December 6, the association intervened after receiving a call telling them about a dog living in the bushes next to a highway. For a month, people had been feeding him and attempting to help him, but no one could get close.


Source: YouTube

Lisa Arturo and Joann Willz, members of Hope for Paws, went to go see the dog. The young women started by attempting to calm the animal by speaking to him softly and giving him treats. The dog was finally able to be coaxed out and Lisa and Joann were able to approach him.


Source: YouTube

Lisa was able to little by little place the leash around his next, to make sure the dog, named Tarzan, wouldn't run away.


Source: YouTube

Once the leash was around Tarzan's neck, Lisa and Joann took him in their arms and pulled him from the bushes. Extremely weak, the animal couldn't even walk. Lisa sat with him on the ground, the pooch cuddled up to her, reassured, wagging his tail.


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Joann and Lisa had to carry Tarzan to the car because he couldn't make it any further. The canine was taken for a more in-depth exam with a veterinarian. His face couldn't hide it: Tarzan was infinitely thankful to the two women who saved him.


Source: YouTube

Tarzan then joined Road Dogs & Rescue, a rescue association in Los Angeles. He has since found his loving forever home, after this difficult journey, assuring that he'll never have to suffer again.

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