This Dog Risked Her Life Saving Her 4 Puppies From A Terrible Flood

Andrea A.

The bravery and devotion of a mother knows no limits. This female dog proved that when she put her life at risk in order to save her four puppies who weretrapped in the floods which recently hit Chennai, in India.


Source : @Youtube

The dog had no other choice but to get off this island of rubbish which her and her puppies were trapped on. One by one, she took them in her mouth and swam them to the other side of the water torrent.


Source : @Youtube

She had to therefore make the journey four times,each time even moretired, swimming against the mighty current.Watch the incredible rescue video here:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C4se7NJNYo[/embed]NB : the footage only shows her saving the one puppy, but other sources have attested to the fact that she saved four.

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