This Dog Ran A Half-Marathon Without Realising, Finished In 7th Place And Raised Funds For Kids

Local residents in the small town of Elkmont, Alabama, US, never thought such a day would arrive! With just under 500 residents in total, everyone knows everyone. So they even knowLudivane, this female Bloodhoundwho lives with her human: April Hamlin.


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On 16th January, a half-marathon took place in Alabama, and it was called theElkmont Half Marathon.That same morning, April let out her dog Ludivane so that the dogcould go about herbusiness. But somehow Ludivanemanaged to escape without April realising. She finally found her 13 miles away from home, a half-marathon away in fact...


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Ludivane ended up following all the runners in the local half-marathon, meeting them at the start line and competing without a human or a leash. She finished in 7th place, the fastest female runner. And wow has she made history!


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The athletic pup managed to run the 13 miles in an hour and 32 minutes!It was only when April's friends sent her photos of the local celebrity that she realised what had happened. She said:

My first reaction was that I was embarrassed and worried that she had possibly gotten in the way of the other runners.

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April added:

They set up the half-marathon to try and fundraise because our school system doesn’t have a ton of money for cross country. Because of this dog, they are getting so much publicity, and I think that’s the best part.


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Ludivane was given a medal after she crossed the finish line and slowed down with the other runners. She then had a good old sleep that night!


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The collected funds will be donated to a local school to offer proper sports equipment to high school students and to cover their cross country competition fees.

We still can't believe this story - congratulations Ludovine!

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