This Dog, Missing For 8 Years, Thought He'd Never See His Dad Ever Again


Pets often go missing, being found hours, days, or even months later. Those missing for longer are sadly rarely found. But one lucky pup got back to his human... A whopping 8 years after disappearing!Joshua Edwards, from Miami, Florida, had long given up hope of finding his Rottweiler, Duke, after he was stolen from his back yard in 2007. He'd spent months knocking on doors and checking shelters, hoping that his beloved companion would be found and brought home, but to no avail.

Source: Walter Michot

As the years passed, Edwards, with a heavy heart, moved on, hoping that Duke was at least being well cared for. He married, had 2 children and became dad to 3 more dogs, including another Rottweiler called Duke Jr.Then, in 2015, he received a phone call fromTamiami Animal Hospital, saying that a Rottweiler had been brought in with a microchip registered to him. He went over immediately, hardly believing what he had heard.But the moment the dog was brought into the waiting room, he knew; this was Duke. "I think he knew who I was right away,” he told The Miami Herald. “I never thought I would see him again."

Source: Walter Michot

Duke had been found on the streets and taken to the clinic by a concerned passer by. Although quite scruffy, the vets who checked him over thought that he'd only been wondering around on his own for a little bit and had otherwise been well cared for.The pair spent the next half an hour making up for lost time, Edwards fussing over Duke and Duke covering his dad's face in kisses. There was no question of where the canine would go, despite how big Edward's family was already. As far as he was concerned, Duke was simply going back to where he belonged.

Source: Walter Michot

The rest of the family were more than happy to welcome him back home with many a curious sniff and loving belly scratch. Edwards' wife, Melissa, said that her husband had often spoke of his old dog and was overjoyed that he had made his way back to them. "That dog meant so much to him."To his delight, Edwards found that Duke still remembered all his old commands and tricks and, although old, hadn't lost his sense of fun, still absolutely adoring tennis balls!

Source: Walter Michot

Although Edwards recognized Duke from physical features and his 'goofball' personality, it was Duke's microchip that reunited him with his long-lost family. If you have a pet, it is extremely important that you get them microchipped as soon as possible. This means that if they get lost, stolen or in an accident, they can be identified and taken safely back home.Talk to your vet about microchipping if you haven't already.Watch a video of the emotional reunion below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keRXRv3ZzAw

H/t: The Miami Herald

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