This Dog Miraculously Survived After Being Lost At Sea For Five Whole Days


This is the incredible story of Storm, a seven-year-old German Shepherd who was rescued by coastal guards in Hastings, UK, after he had spent five days at sea.

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On Thursday 4th February, Storm's family heard the wonderful news... Their dog had been found and saved.


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Storm had escaped from his home the Sunday before, through a hole in the fencing. What's more astonishing, is that it seems he got trapped in the sea after he tried to capture a seagull.

Terrified and exhausted

Rescue teams spent hours looking for the lost dog.

And when they found him, he was utterly exhausted, in a state of panic and suffering from hypothermia. As soon as he got onto the rescue boat, he was given emergency first aid.

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Storm was no longer in danger. One of the members of the rescue team announced:

The RNLI exists to saves lives at sea - and today that included Storm!

His family in a state of shock

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His family never once gave up looking for him. Helen Sygrave, her son and her husband searched high and low for their dog all day every day. There was no way they were giving up on him.

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Helen was in a complete state of shock about losingStorm.

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Following a bad accident, his mother could only get about on a wheelchair or with the help of crutches... Storm had become a huge support for her, both morally and physically. She told the MailOnline:

I'm relieved to have him back, he's my rock. He's loyal and always by my side, I use a wheelchair and crutches at home because of an accident and if I fall he always sits by me. 


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The vets say that he's made a speedy recovery. Thank goodness for that, Storm. We're thrilled you're back in the safety and warmth of your loving home.


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