This Dog Met Santa For The First Time And Burst With Happiness

Andrea A.

Kya, an adorable Shiba, can't get enough of her Santa Claus toy.


Source: Instagram

Her amused human, Angelina,explained:

She’s always carrying her Santa toy around with her and kept it through the whole year… Whenever we are just sitting on the couch watching TV she also brings it and just kinda sits with it and licks it.

Source: Instagram

So as soon as Angelina and John, her brother, heard about Santa coming to their town, they did not hesitate one second to bring Kya and Lucy, their other dog, for a photo session by his side. While Lucy was a little afraid, Kya kept it together.


Source: Instagram

She is normally extremely excited and hyper, but she was very calm. A first for Angelina and John, more used to her energetic character. Kya just sat in front of Santa and looked at him before deciding what to do next. Angelina continued:

Kya jumped right up on the chair next to Santa… it looked like she was smiling!

Source: Instagram

The adorable photo went viral, and responses quickly followed. Kya will without a doubt never forget this magical meeting.You can follow Kya's adventures on herInstagram !

H/t: Bored Panda