This Dog Made A Burglar Flee The Scene And Received The Best Reward

Andrea A.

Benny, a three-year-old Pit Bull, proved himself to be the best kind of house guest.On December 16, Nick Franco and Kari MacDonald, accompanied by Benny, who they were fostering at the time, came back from doing their grocery shopping, reportsThe Dodo. After barely making it into the garage, the dog proved to be extremely agitated, pulling on his leash in an unusual manner.


Source: Pennsylvania SCPA

Nick and Kari didn't think anything of it at the time. But upon entering the house, they realized that their house had been robbed: their things were thrown around everywhere and furniture had been turned upside-down. Worse, Nick and Kari realized that the burglar was still in their house. Benny wouldn't stop pacing, ready to attack to protect his family. Nick explained that he yelled at the intruder to leave the house immediately before the dog comes upstairs to get him.


Source: Pennsylvania SCPA

A few seconds later, Nick and Kari heard the windows open, before the criminals fled empty-handed, terrified of the dog.Benny isn't a Pit Bull like others. The animal had a traumatizing start to life, in a nightmare dog fighting ring, before being saved by the Pennsylvania SCPA. He was placed with Nick and Kari while waiting for a forever family, but his courageous act completely changed the situation.


Source: Pennsylvania SCPA

The couple, who had just lost their beloved dog in March, didn't want to replace him with another animal just yet, and decided to become foster parents instead. Nick explained:

We were already teetering on the edge of adopting him. We both fell in love with him pretty quickly — second or third day. 

Source: Pennsylvania SCPA

The brave act of Benny convinced the couple to take the plunge.

It just clicked at that moment. There was no way we were not going to adopt him.

Benny will never again leave this home, full of love and affection, that he attempted to protect at all costs. The adorable animal can finally leave behind his painful past.

H/t: The Dodo