This Dog Lost Her Eyes After Being Born In A Puppy Mill But She Doesn't Let It Keep Her Down


This French Bulldog is the most adorable girl! Sadly, her life has not always been easy.Milly was born in a puppy mill, where all too often, profit takes precedence over the well-being of the animals in their care.


Source: Baby Milly

This means that the dogsuffered from numerous health problems. She had spinal issues, glaucoma, and cataracts in her eyes. The breeders realized that she wouldn't be easily sold, so they left her in a wooden box outside in the winter to die.The tiny pup was only three months old and less than one pound when her new mom rescued her from that horrible life. She wasn't walking or standing.


Source: Baby Milly

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the sweet animal was getting stronger every day, she eventually needed surgery to remove her eyes.


Source: Baby Milly

Now she's blind, but that hasn't stopped her from living the best life! One year later, Milly loves playing soccer with her five other rescue siblings and modeling for her Instagram page.She no longer has to deal with the pain her eyes caused her before, and she is as energetic and loving as any other dog.


Source: Baby Milly

Her mom hopes to show that true love is free, and the best companions can come from a shelter. If you would like to follow Milly's adventures in her new life, you can do so, here.

(Cover Image: Baby Milly) H/t: The Dodo

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