This Pregnant Dog Is Saved From A Fighting Ring Just In Time To Give Birth

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On September 30, a video published by Animal Planet brought to light a particularly horrifying savagery reportsThe Dodo.


Source: The Dodo

Twelve animals managed to escape a dog fighting ring. One of them was an expecting mother who was on the cusp of giving birth right there. With her was a puppy who was less than a year old and another pooch whose ears were badly torn up.


Source: The Dodo

Thanks to their rescue, the pups were able to be born in a safe environment, far from the horror that their mother had lived through. They can live a life of peace with a loving family.

Dog About To Give Birth Gets Rescued From Fighting RingThis pregnant dog had no idea help was on the way.Published by The Dodo on Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dog Fighting, The Ultimate Abuse

(Caution, certain images can be shocking.)This new motherwas very lucky, but sadly, many animals in her situation don't get a happy ending.


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We estimate that tens of thousands of individuals are involved in dog fighting rings across the United States. While it is illegal in almost all of the states, these combats bring in a lot of money and a diverse crowd: In just 2006, Atlanta Falcons player, Michael Vick, was under investigation for his active participation in dog fighting. He admitted to drowning or hanging the animals deemed inefficient fighters.Sentenced to 21 months in prison, he was able to rejoin the professional football world a few years later.


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Dog fights are particularly violent and often cause serious physical injuries to the poor animals. The least skilled amont them are often killed by hanging or drowning, or left for dead in a hidden corner of a forest.Certain animals don't take direct part in combat, but are used as bait to test the aggressiveness of a fighting dog. These animals, sometimes stolen from pet owners with no link to the fights, have in general very little chance of getting out alive.


Source: Daily Mail

There are almost 40,000 fighting dogs in the United States. One of the most popular breeds to use is still the Pitbull, not because of their supposed excess of aggression, but because of their extreme loyalty and ability to endure a number of abuses without abandoning their cause.Dog fights are not an exclusively American phenomena and can sadly be found everywhere in the world.You can make a donation to the ASPCA, the Association for the Protection of Animals in the U.S., to actively combat these fights by clickinghere.

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