This Dog Is Being Called A Hero After Protecting Her Human From A Bear Attack


A Floridian Pit Bull is being called a hero after protecting her owner's daughter from a bear attack, according to reports.The dog, 3-year-old Mary Jane, was being taken on an evening walk by the daughter in Fort Lauderdale when she suddenly ran off, making a beeline for something in the darkness. Moments later, she was being attacked by 3 bears.

Source: Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists

Reports suggest that the brave pooch was trying to protect the woman from the larger animals during the attack.She was taken to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists, where she was treated for her injuries, mainly scratches and puncture wounds.

Source: Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists

"Doctors from LVS are treating Mary Jane for deep puncture wounds, which cover most of her body. They are administering fluids, providing pain medication and antibiotics," stated a press release from the clinic, which added that she was being observed in case she developed issues in her chest cavity.A veterinarian who treated Mary Jane, Dr. Ashley Villatoro, said:

While we consider Mary Jane to be lucky and think her prognosis is good, we are still cautious about the air in her chest and the potential for the development of infection. Most importantly, this should be a lesson to all who live in South Florida that we have a presence of wildlife that can easily harm or injure a pet.  Whether we’re talking bears, panthers, bobcats, alligators, venomous snakes, wild boars or bufo toads, we certainly have our share of deadly wildlife to continually be on the lookout for.

Source: Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists

Whether Mary Jane will stick to fighting animals more her size in the future remains to be seen, but one thing is certain; she is one loyal dog!

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