This Dog In Belgium Was Thrown Into A Well And Then Trapped There Alive

Andrea A.

On Friday February 16, a dog in Belgium was found imprisoned in a well in a nature reserve in Devant-Bouvignes. The animal was clearly placed their on purpose and animal rights defenders are outraged.

Source: Refuge Sans famille

The outcome of this story could have been very different for this dog if employees of Natagora, a Belgian organisation dedicated to protecting wildlife hadn't been there to find him:

We were about to leave when we heard a dog barking from somewhere behind us. We went to have a look and found that it was coming from an old cottage rainwater cistern. All I could see was a muzzle...

Police, firefighters, and animal charities all came to the rescue to try and save this abandoned dog.

Source: Refuge Sans famille

The well where they found the animal was covered in concrete blocks, undoubtedly placed there to assure that the dog couldn't escape.One of the rescuers gave his impression of what happened:

They came to find him towards 10h30, 11h. The police also came. It was a completely isolated place, and there was still water at the bottom of the well. He had no chance. 

This act of cruelty has caused a wave of outrage on social media.

As it stands, the identity of the people responsible remains unknown, but the dog, renamed "Moïse" is now healthy and will soon be ready to go up for adoption.You can watch the video of Moïse's rescue below:

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