This Dog Has New Legs After Being Attacked With A Machete in Thailand

Andrea A.

One year ago, Cola, an adorable young dog, was the victim of a vicious attack. His family's neighbor, enraged after he chewed up a pair of his shoes, cut off Cola's front legs with a machete at his home in Bangkok, Thailand, despite Cola's humans offering the man money to replace them.

Source: Soi Dog Fundation

The Soi Dog Foundation, one of the biggest animal defense organisations in Asia, took custody of the canine, who was just nine months old at the time of the attack. Cola needed urgent veterinary care, before being transferred to a specialist clinic.Gill Dalley, one of Soi Dog's co-founders, became fond of the dog, and once it was clear that he would pull through, she decided to find him prosthetics so that he could run around again. Gill had also had both her legs amputated after they became infected during a flood rescue in 2004. John, her husband, explained that Gill and Cola immediately became fast friends.The happy dog has adapted perfectly to his life with prosthetic legs and can run and have fun like any other dog. He said:

Dogs — and Cola is a good example — never cease to amaze me how, despite often enduring terrible cruelty, readily forgive and make wonderful pets.

Source: Soi Dog Fundation

Bengt Soderberg, the scientist who made Cola's new legs, added:

Despite his prostheses, he can run around like nothing has changed, just like any other dog [..] when people see that, they say "well, if a dog can do that, why can't I do that?" 

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— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) 29 décembre 2017

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