This Dog "Dressed In A Diaper" Remained Locked In A Car For Several Hours

Andrea A.

On February 9 2018, on the Monday of the Cologne Carnival, a dog was found locked in a car in a parking lot inDüsseldorf, Germany. He had already been in the vehicle several hours. To make sure he didn't dirty the seats, his owners put a diaper on him.The car was parked near Ratinger Street, where the carnival was celebrated on Friday. It is thought that his owner probably left him there while they enjoyed the festivities, but this is yet to be confirmed. However, it was clear that the animal had been in the car a very long time.

Hund mit Windel im Auto

Source: Daniel BotheThe man who found the dog was alerted by his barking. He later reported the animal's situation to, a local emergency service:

As we were walking towards the elevator, we heard a dog barking that seemed to be coming from a vehicle. After looking all around, we found the following scene: a dog locked in a small car, dressed in a diaper. 

It was impossible to determine how long the animal had been in the vehicle, but when the witness returned to check two hours later, he was still there.The news was reported on's Facebook page where it quickly went viral. Animated debated ensued with one side arguing that this was an act of animal cruelty and another saying that his situation was not abnormal, particularly seeing as he was protected from the heat by the parking lot.German news websiteDer Westenreported that despite the mild temperatures and the bowl of water, the fact remains that locking any animal in a car that long is an act of torture for it.But the owner wasn't the only person to be criticised for their actions. TheRheinische Post said that the witness was also accused of not doing all he could, only reporting the situation hours later, instead of calling the police:

"After two hours". The animal's owner is not the only person responsible for this incident. 

However, it is not forbidden to leave a dog in car for a short time says a spokesperson for the police, as long as they have access to water and oxygen, which was the case for this dog.People who have positioned themselves on the animal's side have said that a possible reason for the dog wearing the diaper was due to incontinence issues. Additionally, many people claim to leave their dog in a car under the pretence that they actually like it. But the majority of them agree that is better to not do this.