This Dog Didn't Even Have A Name In A Testing Laboratory, But Now She Is So Happy

Bea the beagle was only 3 months old when she was taken to an animal testing facility in Hungary to be the subject of a variety of experiments. Luckily, the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) intervened and saved the animal, along with 6 others, in December 2016.


Source: Beagle Freedom Project

The canine had obviously had a very tough life and didn't even have a name before rescuers saved her. She was identified only by the number tattooed onto the inside of her ear.It is not clear exactly what experiments Bea had to endure, but she was extremely fearful and timid after leaving the laboratory, sometimes shutting herself off for days because of the slightest sound or movement.


Source: Beagle Freedom Project

The BFP described the horrible conditions that eight beagles had endured in a Facebook post:

They had spent their whole lives subjected to horrific testing, living in steel, cold cages with no treats and no love.

They had never been outside before andhad no idea how to act like other dogs.


Source: Beagle Freedom Project

Fortunately, the adorable dog quickly found a loving forever home with her new mom Tina Lobel who is more than ready to give the canine all the love and care that she needs. She described the nervous beagle's behavior to The Dodo:

We used to have to hand-feed her water when she first came home, as she had no idea what a water bowl was.

Now Bea has two furry brothers, Rufus and Chip, whoare helping her move on from her past and are teaching her how to be a dog again.


Source: Beagle Freedom Project

Rufus, a golden labrador has proved to be a great friend to herand even helps the canine to sleep when she has nightmares. Lobel explained:

She's had a couple of nightmares, but not many fortunately. She often looks to Rufus for his reaction and follows his lead.

Source: Beagle Freedom Project

While Bea hasalready made amazing progress on the road to recovery, she still has a long way to go to forget her traumatic past. Lobel continues:

Sometimes you just walk past her doing whatever it is you're doing, and she cowers.

Source: Beagle Freedom Project

With lots of love and support from her family, the brave dog will continue to get happier and stronger every day.To support the Beagle Freedom Project and help them to carry on their amazing work, you can make a donation, here.

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